3 Ways to Make it Happen While You Wait…

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Make It Happen While You WaitThis post is for all the readers who are relationship status: SINGLE.

There have been long pockets of time for me where I have been single as far as relationship status.  In the beginning I really used to let that status stifle my growth as a person.  I used to ask myself, “Why not me”.  I would question if I was worthy of a stable loving relationship or pick myself a part to see what was my problem.  Finally I had to come to the realization that it wasn’t necessarily me and that I needed to direct my energy elsewhere.  While I waited for that special someone to come in my life I got busy…  I got busy living… I had to figure out how to make it happen for me while waiting for him.

So this post is me sharing with you 3 Ways to Make It Happen While You Wait.  I am sure there are some life goals you want to accomplish and this time alone will allow you to make it happen.

The first way to make it happen while you wait is to create a BUCKET LIST.

Recently, I have created a short term bucket list of things I would like to accomplish in my 40th year of my life.  I call it 40@40.  This list consists of small obtainable goals that I can accomplish within 1 year.  I intentionally didn’t make the list too modest because I really am aiming to cross all 40 things of the list.  With that being said, I am making it happen for myself in 1 year.

The second way to make it happen while you wait is to fall back in love with yourself…

A lot of the times we pop in and out of relationships with people and tend to not focus on loving ourselves.  We are so busy worrying about how to please our mates that we sometimes loose site of the very thing about ourselves that makes us the happiest.  Can I get an AMEN if you have ever been here before?  I remember a time when I dated a man who lived away. (the reason I started this blog J)  For the 3 years I dealt with this man off and on I was so busy trying to please him from a far and make him happy from a far, I lost myself…  Everything about what I was doing during that relationship was focused on closing the gap in distance with this man.  It became consuming.  The crazy thing is he wasn’t doing the same.  He was living his life.  He was enjoying himself and doing the things that made him happy.  Once I took a step back and carefully evaluated my life I came to a screeching halt.  I was not enjoying my life by doing what made me happy and letting the pieces in that relationship fall into place.  After coming to the reality of things I was able to go back to school and finish my bachelor’s degree and pursue my master’s degree.  I became a happier person.  I was able to create a happier environment for my daughters.

The final way to make it happen while you wait is to pursue your passion.

A Single Woman’s Chronicles is a prime example of me pursuing my passion.  I started this blog in a period of my life where I had just ended a relationship and I had time to pursue my passion for blogging.  The passion to share my story and experiences with people to possible help them get through similar situations.  I have really been able to focus on this platform and brand because it is near and dear to my heart.  I really want to reach out to people and have dialogue about relationships and expectations and also enjoy some single woman chronicles for myself.  I hope if you are reading this you and you are in a place of your life where you are waiting that you can really use some of this information to make it happen.


Peace and Blessings


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  1. Nay

    40@40 reminds me of the 40-40 club. Any way I’m 27 and I say go for it. The Lord blessed you with one life in this beautiful world that he made for us to enjoy. so ENJOY IT. Will you be doing any exciting activities? please share if you do!