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Living Shamelessly - ASWC

As I approach my 40’s (June 12, 2016) I have really been reflecting on living my life shamelessly.

Shameless – Feeling no shame; impervious to disgrace; lack of shame

Being shameless to me doesn’t mean that I am out in these streets being reckless but what it does mean is that I am creating opportunities and paths without shame or fear.

The reflection of living shamelessly has me thinking about 3 specific things… EVOLUTION of being shameless, EMPOWERMENT of being shameless, and ENLIGHTENMENT of being shameless.


Shamelessly Evolving

To evolve is to develop gradually from simple to a more complex form.  Shamelessly I believe that I have evolved to truly understand what it means to live a life without shame.  To be honest I have never been one who took a lot of stock in what people say or think about the things I do in my life or how I raise my children.  I however have evolved in how I react to people’s opinion of me being shameless.  See before I would lash back with no filter.  I wouldn’t care about the downward affect of what I would say.  I have evolved in that I don’t give people who judge the satisfaction of a response.  There opinion doesn’t matter.  It will not make me stop living the way I live in order to make my life happier.  What is pretty interesting is I don’t live recklessly.  I just live without shame.



Shamelessly Empowering

Being empowered forces me to conquer the obstacles that come about without fear.  Empowerment allows me to understand that roadblocks will happen but I have the power and authority to overcome them.  Empowerment is big for me.  Being empowered actually is like my strength or muscle.  Empowerment pushes me to be creative when task with a project at work.  It allows me to make a decision without having to reach out to someone with authority for approval.  I believe that is one of the best things I have with my full time corporate position.  My manager empowers her subordinates to make decisions because she trust that we will make good judgement.  She may inject a suggestion but she never creates the path.



Shamelessly Enlightenment

I became enlightened when I clearly understood that people will shame you (regardless of the circumstances) but I took it in stride.  I have just learned to redirect negative energy into completing a shameless task.  It has to be enlightening when you live shamelessly because you start experiencing a different reaction to your actions.  You start being happy because you are not concerned about what everyone else says.  You start living happier because you are doing exactly what you want to do with no fear.  There is NO temporary gratification because your happiness is not dependent on a secondary source.  It is all up to you.  Whether you fall flat on your face or come out on the very top your effort was shameless.


Peace and Blessings,


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  1. giovanni alexander

    Shamelessly supporting you.

  2. Yulunda

    Hi Doll,

    Love this post for so many reasons! When I turned 40, I promise that my entire life perspective changed.
    I too use to cut and slice people in a heartbeat if they even tried it or said it. Then, God gave me the revelation that, “IT only matters if you believe it.”

    I know it is cliche, but, I am living my life like it’s golden (because it is) and un-apologetically!

    Have a nice day Sis,