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How to Survive Wedding Season, Single
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Hey loves, via GIPHY I know it has been a long long long while since I have posted.  A single woman’s self-care is more important to me than anything else and for the past however many months I have been … Read More

Living Life Shamelessly
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As I approach my 40’s (June 12, 2016) I have really been reflecting on living my life shamelessly. Shameless – Feeling no shame; impervious to disgrace; lack of shame Being shameless to me doesn’t mean that I am out in … Read More

3 Ways to Make it Happen While You Wait…
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This post is for all the readers who are relationship status: SINGLE. There have been long pockets of time for me where I have been single as far as relationship status.  In the beginning I really used to let that … Read More

Top 3 Things You MUST consider when you are Single but Dating
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My Dating Story It seems as if I always have a dating story to tell.  Well today isn’t any different.  Let me tell you about my first real experience with being single and dating multiple men.  A few years back … Read More

Dating the unDateable
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Hey loves…  It’s been quite some time since I’ve written about dating…  I really hadn’t experienced anything different from what I have written in prior post.  Today, I did want to write about dating the undateable. I actually met someone… … Read More

Creating an Exit Strategy
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Today’s post is a video of my Periscope from February 3, 2016.  I discuss how I am creating an exit strategy and my exit strategy checklist.  I hope it adds value to your life.  If you didn’t catch the live … Read More


Welcome to A Single Woman’s Chronicles…

This website (blog) is designed to share the chronicles of a single 30-something African American woman in 2015.  I started this blog on another platform several years ago after a very hard break-up.  In all honesty my blog started off as a bashing session for a lot of the situations I encountered with my ex-boyfriend and then men in general.  It was some what therapy for me to get online and share my unfiltered thoughts about dating in my mid – late 30s.  I am happy to say that as I evolved so did my blog.  Now my concentration for this blog is to focus on how I learn from my dating experiences as well as build relationships with people in general.  I also speak about some of my life events as a single mother of 2 teenagers.

In the long run, my purpose for this blog is to encourage and empower other women like myself to propel in their relationships with family, friends, and men.  I would also like to bring together like minded women in small intimate settings to have round table topics and discussions so we can empower each other.


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