So you Don’t want a Relationship?

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RelationshipsSo today on Facebook I posted about people saying that I shouldn’t say that I want a relationship.  I personally don’t follow that theory.

The people who say this say that I should be looking for friendship and courting and other attributes of what I would think would encompass a relationship.

I get it…  a date or two or three dates doesn’t constitute a relationship.  There is a period of time that you develop friendship and you court and whatever else happens that eventually will or will not develop into something more like a relationship.  The ultimate goal, in my mind, is to be in a relationship….  Right???

So when I say, I want a relationship with someone that is exactly what I mean…

But… if your desire is to not be in a relationship…  Stop leading people on…  Stop courting them under the pretense that a relationship will develop when those are not your intentions…  If you just want sex or just a friendship then that is what you need to present to the other party when you meet them…  The opportunity to make a choice to deal with you or not is not present to the other party and that is just not fair to me.  Shoot even in a friendship you should be honest… Not only with the other person but also yourself.

This was in my heart after having a conversation with someone today and I had to inform them of my intentions with anyone trying to come into my life…

Peace and Blessing