How to Survive Wedding Season, Single

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Hey loves,


I know it has been a long long long while since I have posted.  A single woman’s self-care is more important to me than anything else and for the past however many months I have been having to take care of me and my home which took me off of the A Single Woman’s Chronicles blog for a bit.

But I am back now and today I wanted to talk about SURVIVING WEDDING SEASON!  It’s the time of year when everyone is getting married.  You are starting to receive invite after invite to attend weddings over the next few months.


Being totally transparent with you, sometimes it is hard for even me to endure all the social media post about engagements and nuptials.  It can be a bit overwhelming when I am patiently waiting on my Boaz.  And if you are anything like me, you want to be happy for your friends, family, associates, and random people you follow but something deep down inside rears it’s head and a little bit of envy peeks out.  Again, I am just being transparent.  So here are some ways I get through wedding season.  I hope it helps you or at least gives you a little bit to think about as we travel through the spring and summer months.

  • Don’t feel obligated to go to EVERY wedding you are invited to. Remember you are doing no one a favor by attending their wedding.  Don’t get me wrong, it is a great gesture to support those you love as they embark on this new journey however if attending will stir up some emotions you don’t want to deal with politely decline and possibly just send a gift in your place.  I am sure the bride or groom will appreciate the gift and understand.  This applies especially to the cousin twice removed who are just trying to fill up seats at the venue.
  • Commit to having a good time.  If you do attend a wedding make it a great time.  Try to mingle with some of the guest.  Even if you can not dance, this is a great time to join in a line dance (there is always line dancing at weddings.  LOL) and learn something new.  Everyone should be nice and jolly and willing to help you along the way.  The key is to keep your head up and keep smiling.
  • Consider there may be other singles (men) attending too.  If you are not the going out type, this could be your out of the box opportunity to meet your potential mate.  I am almost certain that every member of the wedding party is not already hitched or some of the guest may also come alone.  So make sure you represent your singleness to the fullest and maybe you will catch someones eye.


These are just a few of my thoughts on ways to consider surviving wedding season as a single woman.  I’d love for you to share some of your thoughts in the comments section below.  Until we speak again.



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